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Wordpress VS Blogging

Which one is best for blogging, a universal question for all the people who want to start blogging and want to make a carrier with writing. If you are not sure whether you should use WordPress or Blogger as your blog platform so this writing is only for you.

Today our topic is WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is best for blogging sites for completely free? So, let’s start with the main topic and please stay with us till the end.

Introduce WordPress and Blogger

WordPress and Blogger is one of the best platform to make a blog website. Both of the websites give you permission to create a blog for free. But obviously, they have some different features and tools. But which one is best? This debate can get pretty confusing at this time. Today the main purpose of this article is to discuss these differences between both platforms.

WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is Best?

For my work, I was in blogger for the very first time in my blogging carrier. But now I am on WordPress. I am aware of my benefits from both of the platforms. So, I recommend you use WordPress if you can spend some money at the beginning. If you are unable to spend money, you can start with a blogger. No major problem you will face for this. Let’s see why I recommend you to use WordPress.

1. Take control to you website

This is one of the biggest reasons for what I use WordPress. In blogger, you don’t have much control over your website. It is owned by Google. They will control you and you are unable to add the features that you want.

In WordPress, you can add custom features and decorate your blog with your own design. There you can use elementor. Using elementor you can make custom designs and custom pages as you want.

2. Easy to Use

In blogger, it is such an easy job to make a website. You just need a google account and signup for blogger. After clicking on Create a Blog chooses a name and address for your website. Just it! You are now the owner of a new blog.

If you select WordPress, at first you need a domain name. You can buy a domain name from Namecheap, GoDaddy or anywhere you want for a small amount. Then you need hosting to host the website you want to build. If you don’t want to take this anxiety, just go to blogger and use it.

3. Search Engine Optimization

It doesn’t matter where your website is hosted, can be a blogger or WordPress. But the main thing is the traffic of your blog. Traffic is the only solution where you can earn money. Search engine optimization or SEO means taking more traffic to your website from organic search.

WordPress gives you the best option for SEO where blogger offers you a limited option to optimize your blog. So, for SEO purposes you should use WordPress

4. Support and Plugins

WordPress is an open-source platform where you can make your imagination true. There are thousands of free and premium plugins by which you can customize your blood as you want. But for blogger, you don’t have these options. You need to stay on google’s description.

So how do WordPress vs Blogger compare for design and customization options? WordPress is the best long-term solution for any serious blogger who wants to grow their site or build an online business.

5. Adsense

Adsense is the lifeline for a blogger. It is the main purpose to make a free blogging sites. Only from Adsense a blogger can earn money. So, it is very important to make sense of AdSense. Basically, blogger use the best way to approve your AdSense application. But sometimes it is hard to get approval in blogger. On the other hand in WordPress, you can easily use the AdSense feature with the connected Gmail of your WordPress account.

6. Security

Basically, you don’t need to concern about the security and backup of a blogger website. Because it is self-hosted by google. However, if blogger goes down your website will be down along with all other blogger websites. You can not do anything to recover this time.

WordPress is also a secured platform. But you need to be aware of the backup of your site, otherwise, you will lose your website forever. You can use some plugins to take backup of your website.


If you want to make a free blogging sites the best option is WordPress. It is a straight and simple answer. Because of the feature and options, you can use in WordPress you can’t get in blogger. There is no comparison between these two. WordPress is WordPress and blogger is blogger.

You should decide by depending on your position. If you are able to bear all the costs of WordPress then you can use it. Otherwise, go to blogger. So, hope you like this article and many many thanks for stay with us. Keep learning keep earning!!

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