What is Web Development? How Much a Web Developer Earn Per Month? Basic of Web Design and Development

What is Web development?

Willing to learn web development? But do not sure why you will learn web development? Then this article is for you. Because today I will tell you why you will learn web development and how much it is in demand nowadays. So let’s dive into the lesson.

1. No Formal Education Needed

You don’t need a college background or formal education to be a web developer. Maybe you are a student of Commerce or Art or Science background. No problem. In the case of web developers, formal education does not matter much. Because only skills are important for a web developer. No matter what the formal education is, if you are proficient in your work then you will achieve success in this field.

I am not saying that your educational background will never be asked. Maybe sometimes your formal education may be seen. But that is very rare. Basically, in this case, skills are given priority over your work. So if you want to be a web developer you can start now. You can be a web developer from anywhere in your educational life.

2. Not So Expensive

If you want to be a web developer you don’t have to spend a lot of money. In this case, you just need a computer or laptop even a mobile and an internet connection. Enough!!! For more quality full design, you will need iMac which is very expensive. So, if you put these things aside, it is seen that web development is possible at the lowest cost. The only expensive thing is needed is your patience and determination.

3. Easy to Learn

Web development is also very easy to learn. Because you can easily learn programming languages if you try with a little attention. For web design, you need to learn some languages ​​like:

  • HTML
  • CSS

In general, it should not take more than 15 days to learn HTML. Then comes CSS. CSS is not something that is too difficult. Keep it for a maximum of one month to learn. That’s enough.

That’s all there is to design, then comes development or back-end development.

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SQL etc.

These works as a back-end language. It will take you a little longer to learn the back-end than the front-end. Because the back and languages ​​are a little complicated. But you have to remember that web development is a test of patience. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

4. How to learn?

The simple answer to this question is YouTube. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube through which you can learn the complete web development course. You can also buy some premium courses if you can afford them. But I think if you are determined then you can learn complete web design from free tutorials.

You can learn web design and development from this website and their youtube channel.

5. Smart celery

Making a thousand bucks a month working on web design and development is not a difficult task. Buyers in this field spend a lot of money because they sell their products and services through websites.

Suppose first you are hired by a buyer for $2/hour. Whenever you complete one year or six months, your rate will be at least $10/hour. Now think about it, if you work five-six hours every day, your income will easily reach 1000$. However, the amount depends entirely on your skills. You do not need an office to work as a web developer.

6. Choose Your time and Place to Work

You can work from home. Besides, you can do your job only if you take your laptop with you when you go out. This advantage is basically available to all freelancers. Freelancing is a free profession, you can work wherever and whenever you want.

7. WordPress

WordPress is basically a part of web development. This is relatively easy because there is no need to use any coding language. That’s why anyone can manage a WordPress site. For this reason, the demand for WordPress is huge and increasing day by day.

Buyers typically use two types of websites, WordPress and programming languages. That’s why you have to learn both. To work in WordPress you need to learn HTML and CSS. Since WordPress management is relatively easy, a lot of such websites are creating now. So you can learn WordPress along with web design if you want.

For example, it takes at least 7 to 10 days to create a website using coding language, but for a website with the same design, it will take you a maximum of two days to create it through WordPress. Understand how easy it is.

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My Personal Advice

Before 2013, all websites were created through tables. But after 2013 the table medium went up. Then html5 launched and it becomes very popular and the website started to be created through Div after HTML5 launch.

If you think, you have become a web developer just by learning HTML and CSS. Then I would say you are still in the child stage of web development. Because the online world is constantly being updated. When HTML5 was launched in 2013, many web developers became jobless. Because they didn’t know html5. You always have to stay updated. If html6 lunch in the future, you have to learn HTML6, If CSS4 lunch in the future, you have to learn Css4. Then if HTML7, you have to learn that too. Otherwise, you will not be able to survive in the marketplace. So, hope you like this one, bye for today. Will come back soon with a new topic.

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