What is Facebook Marketing? Proper Guidance of Facebook Marketing for Beginners

What is Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a big part of digital marketing. At the end of the day, we spend a lot of time on Facebook that’s why Facebook marketing is very effective. People using Facebook sometimes scrolling, sometimes uploading videos, or doing a group study for a long time. We have a lot of benefits from Facebook marketing because the product you sell has its customers on Facebook. Besides, as a platform, Facebook is very effective for targeting them.

Facebook Marketing-Free Online Solution

Now the question is how you can do Facebook marketing in a proper way? In this case, there are some organic methods and some paid methods. When you post something, it has a ‘Boost Post’ option below. Click here to make a paid marketing and indicate to Facebook whom you want to reach out to your post, boys or girls or both? What is the age of the targeted people? But only a few people actually do paid marketing. Less than 5% of people do paid marketing professionally. The other 95 percent of people try to figure out how to market their product for free without spending money. Today’s article is basically for them deeply who are beginners in Facebook marketing.

It is possible to do marketing using two things on Facebook.

  1. Page
  2. Group

There are some differences between pages and groups. Now the question is which is best for marketing. If you want to do marketing professionally then you have to do this on both. Because pages are one-way communication system where your audience can only see your posts but they can’t share their opinion. On the other hand, the group is a community, where members can share their doubts and solve them all together. In this case, my suggestion is to use the two together.

Because suppose you have an online watch shop. The name of your Facebook page is WatchShop. Now you create a group with the same name. Where you invited watch lovers and asked them to post pictures of their favorite watches. This created a community named after your page. Those who are interested in watches and like watches also know about your companies because they are in your group. As a result, your brand awareness increasing day by day. This is the advantage of the group. This is why pages and groups should be maintained at the same time.

Create Proper Content

There are three types of content- text, images and videos.

1. Text Writing

You have to work hard to write a proper post. You need to have copywriting skills and know some formulas. To write a post you can maintain three steps-

  • Problem
  • Success Story
  • Solution

In the first step, discuss the problem of your topic, in the second step tell a success story where someone has achieved success by any method and in the last step you tell the method how someone can solve the problem.

For example, you write a post where you said, ‘What if the charge did not end even after using the mobile for a long time?’- That is the problem. In the next step, ‘Suppose your friend uses mobile for a long time, but the charge does not end’- it is a success story. In the latest solution, you mention the name of the mobile phone, tell your audience,’ if you use this mobile, you will get a very good battery backup.’

There are many more such formulas that you can find by searching on Google. A lot of times it is seen that what to write, what to start with, you have no time to write. You can easily create a post by following the copywriting formulas even if you don’t have creativity and these methods are very effective for Facebook marketing.

2. Image

You can design beautiful pictures with mobile through Canva app. You will also find some free templates on Canva that you can use it just by making some small edit and you can use it anywhere like Facebook cover or any other. If you have a desktop or laptop, then you can easily design smarter from Photoshop or Canva website.

3. Video

My suggested mobile application for creating videos is Inshot which you will also find website for desktop. With Inshot you can create beautiful videos and a lot of information can be highlighted through it.

Your post creation is over. Now it’s time to upload. When uploading, you need to look at several things such as post titles, tags, etc.

Post title

When a post appears in the news feed, whether the audience will enter to the post or not depends in large part on the title of the post. If your title is good then the chances of visitors coming to your post increase many times. That’s why you need to give a beautiful and neat title based on your topic.


Tags are very important for a post for marketing on Facebook. You need to set the tags correctly when you post so that the proper audience can reach out to your post. If you post about mobile, you can use – mobile, android mobile, best mobile phone, etc. tags. You can use keyword research tools for many more tag ideas.

There are also many more methods of post-optimization. For example, when you upload a video, you can put a pool in the middle by a question like, ‘Do you like the video?’ and put the option, ‘Yes or no’. This will increase the engagement between your post and viewers.


According to the Facebook algorithm, the more views the video achieve in the first hour of uploading, the more popular Facebook will make the post. For this reason, try to share as much as possible after uploading the video. In this case, the group that I asked you to create first will come in handy. You can share the post on your page as well as in your group. As a result, your post reached to a big audience.


Comments are one of the best marketing sections. Viewers will comment on the post when they like it. As soon as you upload the video, leave a comment with your product details and pin that comment on yhe top. You can make the comment ‘If you buy the product from this link, you will be given a five percent discount. As a result, those who are interested in the product will see your comment and buy the product.


Try replying to the comments of everyone who is commenting on your posts. Because those who comment and share on your posts are your most loyal customers. They liked your product. So try to keep an eye on this part of proper engagement with them and build a positive relationship with them all the time.

When to post

Post Time

You need to find out when your audience is most active. If Friday is your weekly holiday, try posting on Thursday night. Because people usually prefer to shop on holidays. So that they get the product in hand by their off day. To be more precise, find out a proper time, which will reach the maximum number of audiences when you post.

In the case of Facebook marketing, if you follow the factors I said, then your marketing will be much more effective and you will get engagement from many more organic customers. As well as your pages and groups will continue to grow very quickly and your posts will continue to get views organically.

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