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7 Part-time jobs for students

Internet is full of opportunities everywhere. No matter who you are. The matter is how much skill you have. Today we will discuss 7 different types of part-time online jobs for students, which are currently in high demand and you can generate a good amount over a month. Even in our country, the opportunity is being created for these online jobs.

1. Social media manager

Social Media Manager- Free Online Solution

You will be surprised to know that billions of people around the world are using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Let’s look at a strategy of how many people using social media at the current time:

  • Facebook: 2.19B
  • Instagram: 1B
  • Youtube: 1.6B
  • Messenger: 1.2B
  • Whatsapp: 1.5B

For your convenience, let me inform you that 10 Lakh is equal to 1 Million and 1000 Million is equal to 1 Billion that means One Billion= 10 Lakh*1000. Just imagine how many people are using social media every day. With so many people active on social media, it has become a lucrative platform for companies to sell their products. Almost every company has its own account on social media platforms to sell its products and services. In one word, a social media manager is required to maintain these pages.

That is why the need for social media managers is creating a lot of opportunities all over the world, including our country. Social media managers basically maintain the company’s business pages, post on regular basis about their products and services, act as customer service managers and run paid campaigns, as well as report these campaigns to their seniors.

If you are a student, you can start your job as a part-time online worker in social media. If you want to develop your career as a social media manager, you must first know well about social media. And when it comes to working, you can work on a fixed or daily basis in different companies or there are different types of online platforms like or where you can get a job as a social media manager.

2. Google AdWords Specialist

Google AdWords is a sub-company of Google. It offers business owners the opportunity to promote their products to a target audience. The ads that you see in YouTube videos or in any mobile application or in the website are basically run and maintained from Google AdWords. Companies usually pay for the promotion of their products or services through Google AdWords.

Companies hire data analysts or AdWords specialists for this job. In this case, the job of a specialist is to deliver their product to the right customer for the designated company. If you have a good idea about Edward then you can work for any company as an Edward Specialist. And to get a job, you can try or or other online marketplaces.

The main work of an AdWords specialist:
Run a campaign
Maintain the campaigns
Increasing brand awareness
Analyze the data and report that data to the seniors
You can work as a fixed job or freelancer with any local or foreign company as you wish.

3. Data entry

Data Entry- Free Online Solution

Although data entry jobs do not pay very well, still as a student you can do a fair amount of income through data entry. That’s why data entry is one of the best part-time online jobs for students. There are many types of data entry jobs available online, all you need is a mobile or laptop and an internet connection.

Let’s talk about some data entry tasks:

Text creation
In this case, the client will give you a topic or the name of a city about which you have to write a draft description and provide it to the client. The client may use this description as a caption in a blog post or elsewhere. You can get leverage to grow your monthly earning with this job.

Companies usually conduct surveys to get feedback from their customers in order to further improve their services in the future according to the customer’s needs. Sometimes you will see people from different companies come to you and take your name, phone number, what kind of product you use or what other benefits you want to get to this product. This is an example of online survey. And the difference between what you do is you do it at home and they go from house to house.

4. PowerPoint presentation designer

If you have ever attended a seminar, you will find that certain information is being shown on the big screen in the form of pictures. These are basically PowerPoint presentations. To do this you need to have a good idea about Microsoft PowerPoint. This task is as simple as much if you know PowerPoint well. And this work is currently in great demand in the marketplace.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can also be part-time online jobs for students. The job of a virtual assistant is basically the client’s personal or business-related odd work such as email handling, fixing meetings with partners or collecting data from the Internet. For example, if someone has mailed to the client, you have to answer that mail or arrange a meeting with a buyer of the client and inform your client about this.

Business owners usually hire virtual assistants to do these types of odd tasks because they haven’t much time to do them. Currently, you can get a lot of virtual assistant jobs on freelancing platforms.

6. SEO Specialist

SEO basically means ranking a web page or website. The demand for SEO is the biggest in the current market because more and more people are turning to online. Suppose you search Google by typing a ‘Black T-shirt’, as a result of which several websites have come up in search results. This means that these websites are SEO optimized for ‘Black t-shirts’.

When a new company is launched, it is very important to do SEO for their website. Because if they don’t do SEO, the website will not get ranking and their website will remain invisible to the customer. This is why there is a huge demand for SEO specialists in the current market. There are many tools available for SEO in online. You can google them or click here.

7. Email marketing

Email Marketing- Free Online Solution

Email marketing basically means promoting the company’s products through email. If you check your mailbox you will see promotional emails from different companies that you used before. But these emails do not come automatically. Someone has to work to send them. To do this you need an email marketing expert who can accurately send your promotional mail to a huge amount of customers.

This is why the demand for email marketers is increasing day by day. If you have a good idea about email marketing then you can easily make a good amount of income by doing this. You must know how to design an email template to do email marketing. You don’t need to know any kind of coding language. There are various types of email template design tools available online. Through which you can easily design beautiful templates. Bee Free is one of the best email template design tools. You can use it for your need.


At the end of the article, I will tell you one thing is do what you like. If you are looking for a part-time jobs for students and already read this article then don’t waste your time. Start your journey now. But remember, don’t do anything where you are not expert. Online is not easy, you need to learn about online life and you need to understand it. If you can only then you will succeed. Stay safe, keep learning.

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