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Instagram Marketing

If you’re building a business in 2021 you really should have an Instagram presence and you want that presence to be as big as possible. To make a bigger presence on Instagram you need a big followers’ community and have to know the best Instagram marketing strategy. Right, I mean more followers means more people seeing you and your business every day. Those people are on the path toward working with you or buying from you.So let’s talk about some effective Instagram marketing tips that are all designed to get you more followers on Instagram.

Instagram is pretty powerful to make a business community or personal branding. More followers on Instagram and the right content that you’re putting in front of them is going to lead more trust built up and then more sales right behind that. This is the theory that I’ve been working on myself and the result is pretty good. So let’s get right into the list!

1. Put a Perfect BIO

Put a Perfect BIO

Your bio description is just a really great way to work in some good Instagram marketing and SEO. So you need to come up with a few high-level keywords or hashtags based on your business and this will really help the algorithm to understand what your account’s all about. It will give your posts a better chance of ranking in hashtag searches and possibly even on that explore page and on suggested posts. So if you’re a financial planner you probably want to use the phrase financial tips or if you’re a landscaper you might want to go with lawn care. My best advice here is just to pick three of these high-level phrases and then work them in nature or with emojis as bullets right there in your bio.

If you are pretty confused with hashtags, visit this article.

2. Make Quality-Full Posts

Once your bio is settled and optimized, you are one step ahead of Instagram marketing. Now you need to start thinking about what types of content you’re going to post. It really helps if you think of this in advance so that you’re not stuck thinking of ideas later. So ideally you need to nail down three to five different types of content that you’re going to post and then just cycle between them. The post can be about quotes, problem-solving where maybe you answer a question from a follower or something like this that you are an expert in. It’s a good mixture of some good solid content and stuff that’s designed to be a bit more personal.

3. Mixer of Branded and Shareable Content

It’s important as you always want to brand yourself and your business on social media. So you definitely want to include various kinds of content. It is really important for growth because you’re essentially hooking people to your helpful content. That’s why you need to make a more personal connection with your followers. This can be done by simply using lifestyle photos of you or your team. Now put captions that are still somewhat business-focused. You can also offer something into your writing or you can just teach whatever tips you want. But I would still encourage you to bring some personal lifestyle to your article. You don’t need to talk about your kids or your home life unless that is your brand. But you definitely should try to be engaging with your followers because it is one of the best Instagram marketing strategies.

4. Make Carousel Post

Make Carousel Post

Carousels posts are very effective in Instagram marketing field. It is basically made with multiple images in a single post and they’re a really fantastic way to trigger Instagram’s algorithm. Because they keep people engaged for a longer period. This really gives your audience multiple opportunities to engage with the same piece of content. On Instagram you can use up to 10 slides in a single post. So the more you include the better. What should you do with carousel post? You can include multiple shots of the same photo series if you want to go ultra simple. You can also use designed slides or even show an ordered sequence or a story about how you did something or behind the scenes from start to finish.

But what I do with carousels is, I use them to promote every single new blog post and I always use just three slides. The first slide is just a really simple black and white quote about my post topic. The second slide is my new post thumbnail and then the final slide tells them where they can go to read the article. So with this style of post, I’m actually sharing two different types of content and it’s meant to trigger two different actions sharing with that first slide and then actually going through and visit my blog with the second and third slide. By the way, the image will change from slide to slide, you only need to write one caption with one set of good hashtags only based on your marketing plan on Instagram.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

Use Relevant Hashtags

Let’s talk some more about hashtag strategy. If you want to grow your business through Instagram marketing, I definitely recommend my hashtag strategy. So if you didn’t already know Instagram hashtag strategy, please read my article about it. You need to use up to 30 hashtags for every post as per my hashtag strategy. Some people recommend using less, but I like to use every tool in my toolbox. So I always try to max it out at 30. Hashtags are the key to being found by new audiences on Instagram and if you do it wisely, you’re going to be able to get a quick hit of traffic with your posts.

So in order to do this, you need to get a good mix of hashtags. But first, you have to do your research either for free just using Instagram itself. If you’re really planning on making this a priority I actually recommend a paid tool called flick. It is a great tool for Instagram marketing. Now that’s going to let you browse hashtags and then organize them using these different levels of popularity. Collect about five to ten popular hashtags that have a high search volume. What happens if you use some good hashtags, you might be found in recent posts for just a few seconds after posting which is good enough to gain a new audience.

6. Tag your location

Tag your location

This is definitely more of a tip for your small business. You obviously want to get noticed by local people who might be looking at local content. You know tagging location is the best way to get noticed by local customers on Instagram marketing strategy. But this goes beyond just tagging your business’s location over and over again. That’s what a lot of businesses do. What you need to do instead is include images taken in different places within your community within your service area. Actually, you need to find out what are those instagramable locations near you, what are the landmarks, what are the murals that people constantly post. So go to as many of these places as you can tag them and use the caption to touch on what you can actually do for people. It’s really pretty simple and you don’t have to overthink it.

If you’re not a local business you can definitely do the same thing here whenever you travel or whenever you go somewhere and is instagramable places or landmarks that people are always looking for. Again if you know that your ideal clients or customers are at a certain location, you can make a post during that event and then tag it with the event’s location and probably the events hashtags too. This is one kind of sneaky. If you weren’t actually there but if it’s something that’s going to be helpful for those people that are there and they can use it. I actually did this for social media marketing, more clearly for Instagram marketing and this really a great way to attract users.

7. Always be asking

Always be asking

When you’re trying to have conversations and want to build relationships with followers. Instagram makes it really easy to ask questions in a bunch of different ways. You can use story polls and question stickers and honestly don’t even think too much about it. These questions don’t need to be super, just use casual or day-to-day questions. For example, if it’s national ice cream day, just ask them what their favorite ice cream flavor? If you’re a dog trainer, then you can run a poll that says something like dogs with a simple yes or no response or even more simply.

Whenever you post just end every single caption with a question rather than just with a statement. So you’ll be amazed how many people will actually be engaged with you and while you’re asking for all that great feedback make sure that you’re actually engaging with every single answer and comment. Set aside a few minutes every single day just for responding to comments or messages as a part of Instagram marketing.

8. How Many Post Daily

This is a common question when you are at the starting point of Instagram marketing. If you were hoping I would say something like once a week or a couple of times a month then you are totally wrong. This writing is all about how to actually grow Instagram and how to do it faster. The best way to do that is to post twice a day and it would be a top priority for your marketing plan. Keep posting something almost every day between photos, carousels, IGTV videos and stories. In this way the more you post the more opportunities there are for your ideal customers and clients.

So you need to constantly be triggering the algorithm to get your best results. But the good news is you can be pretty much schedule for all your posts in advance for free in the Instagram creator studio. So what I recommend is just plan your entire month in the beginning. Whenever you have a great idea for a post or for a tip you want to share just write it down somewhere in a notebook or google doc whatever. Then you’re going to have a bunch of awesome ideas for next month all ready to go. Honestly, if two a day is hard for you then just go with as many as you can.

Final Word

Instagram can really be a great tool for business if you know the right marketing strategy on Instagram and of course if you play by the rules. Remember it’s a social platform, so be sociable and you’ll do just fine. But to be successful in Instagram business and Instagram marketing, you need to know hashtags strategy very well. That’s why I already made a post about it and showed you all my best pro-tips, tricks and secrets of hashtags. If you still don’t know much about hashtags, visit right now and learn it. These are some of my very best strategies and your competitors probably aren’t using them. So, click right up here for that and I’ll see you soon with another one.

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