What is backlink? How to build high-quality backlinks?

Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are some links from one website to a another website. It is also known as inbound links or incoming links. Google and other search engines count these links for a specific page. tHE page with a big number of backlinks count as higher search engine ranking.

For example, this is an article about picoworkers and as I used their link in my website so, it is a backlink for picoworkers from my website.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks Example

Backlinks are basically votes from other websites. When someone use your website post or content to his website as a link then you will get a backlink. Likee someone tell your website is good for earning solution and if he used your webpage link in his article as hyperlink, this a backlinkfor you. The more of these link you have, the higher your site will rank in Google and other search engines.

It is such an old method to use links in a search engine algorithm. Acutially, backlinks are the foundation of Google’s original algorithm and it well is known as PageRank.

It’s time to get some strategy to gain links and time to create a backlink request plan that gets into the mind of other website owners. I am giving some tips to get more backlinks for your website.

  1. Understand Site Owners Requirements

Some sites get links just because they build themselves stablished. On the other side, sites with amazing content that can’t pitch themselves well don’t get backlinks.

In every part of marketing, try to find out what your audience is looking for and try to speak in this topic. It is true that if you only talk about how amazing you are but miss the key points that audience are looking for then you’ will likely to be successed.

3. Write Relevant and SEO Friendly Content

If you don’t have proper content to link, no one will link to you. Don’t forget that the key to generating backlinks is providing good content.

Follow up with these tricks while writing your article:

  • Use quality full images than competetor
  • Make every word matter to the visitors
  • Write a more compelling title
  • Use an interesting and catchy featured image
  • Write a title, tag and meta description that is focused with your main keyword

Remember, your goal is to find out the competition, then do everything better best from your side.

The link round-up posts is one of the best way to help you to gain backlinks from a reputable site, helping improve your findablity and boost brand awareness. Best solution is to find someone in your industry who create roundup posts and start following them to identify great opportunities. 

2. Guest Posting

Guest blogging one of the grateset way to build backlinks – but it is often easier to said than it done. 

It can be hard to publish guest posts on reputable sites because they get a ton of requests and sometimes your request may hide between these requests. Even if you find a good topic, you maybe waiting for months to get a reply from the website’s editorial department because they manage their various priorities.

Guest blogging helps you to multiply your relationships and expand your audience. In case you have confution about guest posting, consider it even Google accepts guest publishers on its Google Analytics blog.

3. Monitor your competitors

You should also look at your competitors’ mentions in forums and social media. 

As you can easily track your competitors’ mentions on Twitter, you can also use online tools to get notifications about broader online conversations and conferances.

4. Connect with experts on Facebook groups

There are thousends of Facebook groups for help in every topic. So, find at least a few related groups to your business. Join some Facebook groups that is related to your niche and keep connected with bloggers and marketers.  

By connecting with marketers or industry professionals, you may get opportunities to get more backlinks and grow your customer base. 


When you’re continuously working to reaching out maximum number of backlinks and constantly waiting for replies from other bloggers, it’s easy to feel hopeless. However, there are some ways by which you can generate some usefull links by trying like this article which most marketers simply aren’t using yet.

Gaining quality full backlinks can sometimes be challenging for new website, but you can easily generate best opportunities by using the right resources and methods that I am talking about on this article. Finally, don’t forget to keep generating backlinks because it is as important as you want to rank your website on search engine. So, keep tracking on the backlinks on your website is getting, by using tools like Monitor BacklinksAhrefs or Majestic.

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  1. Masum Kabir says:

    I am trying to do guest posting. But I cannot publish it in the website. Can you please help me in detail?

    • hasib508 says:

      Thank you for stay with us. You need to have proper preparation about the site where you want to make post. Some websites has a list of rules. If you have still any problem please let me know. I will try to publish a detailed article about guest posting soon.

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