What is Affiliate Marketing? Basic Guide of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

If you tried to learn how to make money online ever must have heard about affiliate marketing. Maybe many people know what is affiliate marketing and maybe many people don’t know. I’m assuming everyone here is new. So let’s talk about the basics of affiliate marketing. Today I will discuss how you can generate a minimum income by affiliate marketing through your Facebook page YouTube channel or website and will give a proper guide of affiliate marketing for beginners.

The thing about affiliate marketing is that we don’t have our own product but we will take the product from another company and promote that product through a certain link. When someone buys something by clicking on our link then we will get some commission from that company. This is basically the simplest definition of affiliate marketing. It is basically commission-based earnings.

Affiliate Marketing Cycle:

Affiliate marketing is based on 4 terms. Every affiliate marketer should understand the process clearly. This is the most important part for beginners in affiliate marketing. Let’s talk about these terms in detail.

Merchant or Advertiser

Merchant is a product company that basically delivers the product to the customer. When product companies don’t get enough sales for their product or start affiliate marketing to get more sales. A company has launched affiliate marketing which means that the company is looking at their product through various networking sites affiliate marketing sites through which the sales of the product will increase.


Network basically means various affiliate marketing websites from which publishers can promote their products for marketing, for example, from Amazon affiliate website you can promote products of different companies. In this case, the Amazon affiliate is the network.

Publishers- Free Online Solution

The next step of the network is the publisher. Publisher basically means a promoter like you who promotes a product for a specific company. When you generate a link from a network site and someone buys a product from that link, you basically get a commission and it is the job of the publisher from this link to the purchase of the product. In a word, the job of a publisher is to deliver a product to the customer. It can be through Facebook, YouTube channel or any other online.


When a publisher promotes a product and when that promotion reaches the customer, the customer clicks on this link and enters the merchant’s website or network website, resulting in a unit click for that publisher. The publisher receives a commission from the merchant only when the customer purchases the product from Hey Click.

This is basically the basic theory of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is done through these four steps so that the merchant network benefits both the publisher and the customer.

Affiliate Marketing Websites- Free Online Solution

1. BDShop

Great way to make money in Bangladesh with your YouTube Channel or if you have a website or blog site or if you have a decent Facebook page. You can earn a handsome amount of commission when the customer buys products from your custom link. BDShop developed a simple strategy but powerful and easy-to-understand Affiliate model for digital marketers.

  1. Click Bank
  2. Amazon
  3. Rakuten
  4. Comission Junction(CJ)
  5. ShareSale

2. Click Bank

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing sites. From here, you don’t have to wait for your account to be approved. Just create an account and you will start promoting with the link. And from here you will be paid a good amount of commission but Clickbank does not approve the account from Bangladesh. If you have relatives on foreign country, you can get a Click Bank account from them and work from Bangladesh. From here you can take payment through Payoneer.

3. Rakuten

Rakuten is another largest affiliate marketing platform in the world. They have about 80 million customers. Here, it is not a big problem with getting the account approved and the amount of commission is also quite good. If you want, you can take Rakuten as an affiliate marketing site.

4. Amazon

Amazon Associates gives an incredible method to you to monetize your earnings.They can be a little tricky to manage with sometimes, but there are a huge load of products and the commissions are often great. The average affiliate commission is between 5–30%. In one word, Amazon is really simple to use.

5. ShareSale

ShareSale is very easy to use, some of the merchants offer payouts of up to $300 per sale and there are over 4,000 programs to choose from. It is a solid, established affiliate network very well suited to new affiliates.

With ShareASale Affiliates, you can make a good amount per month even if you’re a beginner. Because, This affiliate network offers pay-per-lead, pay-per-click, and pay-per-sale programs. Sound pretty, isn’t it!

How to get sales from affiliate links:

To get sales from your affiliate link, you need to work hard. It is not like you create a link and getting started sales from that. No, you need to give time to this. So, these are some small tricks to get sales from affiliate marketing for beginners. Follow these tasks. Hope you success.

1. Create a review site

Nowadays review site is one of the most popular strategies to take visitors to the website. You can find many review websites on the internet. There you can write reviews on specific products even specific countries. The main work for you is inserting the affiliate link on the product description.

2. Create video on youtube

Youtube is also one of the great platforms for affiliate marketers. You can make a review video on youtube same as the first option of the review site. This is also a good method to get sales on affiliate links.

3. Using Blog website

Blog post is another best option to get sales as an affiliate marketer. If you want to start affiliate marketing, you can build a blog site on WordPress or blogger where you can review products and insert an affiliate link to the posts. When someone clicks on the link you’re earning will start immediately.

If you are confused about what is best for blogging follow this article: WordPress or Blogger

4. Link-building

Link-building or backlinks is also a better way to attract customers to the products. You need to find out the best platform to build backlinks based on your affiliate link. Be careful upon building the links. You need to work on niche-related websites. For example, if you are working on a fashion product, you need to find out a fashion related to build backlinks.

If you don’t know how to build backlinks the follow this article.


I think this is a full guide of affiliate marketing for beginners. No matter who you are! The matter is how much you know about your work! As much as skills you have, the chances of your success will increase. So don’t run for the money, work with passion. Money will find you in the future. Hope you like this writing and I think you are now in the intermediate level of affiliate marketing. Keep learning, keep earning!!

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