9 Important Tips to Start Youtube Channel | Things You Need to Know Before Start Youtubing

Tips to Start Youtube-Channel

Today is the age of technology. In every stage of our modern life, we need to help with technologies. Youtube is one of the most important platforms for entertainment, communications, information and much more. Besides youtube can be a smart way to earn money from home. To run a successful channel on YouTube you need to know a few things. Here are nine important tips to start a youtube channel professionally and tips for newbies on how to be successful in Youtubing carrier.

1. Channel topic

Choose Channel Topic

This is the most important decision of your YouTube career. The success of a youtube channel depends largely on the channel topic. Channel topic is the topic of your channel that you will create videos based on. For example, a channel uploads online income, marketing, freelancing-related videos. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Creating a video on a good topic can attract the most people. So, first of all your job is to find a topic based on which you will build your channel. If you randomly upload another category of videos, you can assume that you will never be successful with that channel. Remember you should never choose a topic that you have no interest to work with. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Only then you will get success.

2. Inspiration

Get Inspiration from others

You need a lot of inspiration to work on YouTube as a professional in YouTubing carrier. Because in the beginning, it will be difficult to understand which thing is best for you. Not that the topic has more audience than you need to love to work on the topic. Find a topic from the videos you watch on YouTube that you like. Work on that. Try watching more videos from your favorite YouTubers. This will increase your desire to work. You will understand how something good can be done by working. You only get ideas by watching other people’s videos. Never copy video. Because copyright is a big problem on YouTube. This time it becomes very difficult to grow that channel if you get a copyright strike.

3. Video editing

You need to have some basic video editing skills for YouTubing so that you can edit the won video that you made to upload. If you want to do YouTube, you need to know about basic video editing, so that you can edit the videos you have made and make a good presentation. You do not have to be a Super Expert Video Editor for YouTube. You just have to learn the basics of video editing. That’s enough for YouTube. You can use Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Pro or Camtasia as editing software.

4. Equipment

To use high-quality control you will need some basic equipment like a camera, light, tripod, microphone, etc. Besides, if you have a laptop or desktop, things will be much easier. Also if you don’t want to make video in front of the camera, you only use a screen recorder then you don’t need anything from mind like- camera, tripod, light etc. Only video editing software laptop or desktop with a microphone is enough for this.
My recommendation is that in the beginning you don’t have to worry too much about the camera or the studio setup. You can only do things through skin records. Then slowly you can move on to the rest. However, to produce good quality video footage, a DSLR camera and a good quality lighting setup are required. তThese are not mandatory for you to be successful on YouTube. As a newbie, start with what you have. You will be able to gear up yourself later with updates.

5. Copyright

Learn Copyright Law

Copyright is an important issue in the online world. The biggest stupidity expected online without knowing copyright. And if that is a platform like YouTube, then your success rate will go to zero. You will be hindered at every step if you do not respect copyright well on your youtubing carreir. You may have heard that many big YouTube channels are being deleted or monetization is being stopped or any video is being removed. There is a lot of evidence that the channel has been suspended due to non-compliance with copyright despite millions of subscribers.
In order to avoid copyright, you must first know the copyright agreement of YouTube. That’s why you can search on Google. Then you will get the copyright rules of YouTube. To be a successful YouTuber, you must follow the Copyright Rules.

6. Video thumbnail

When we watch a video on YouTube, the first thing we see is the thumbnail. If we like to watch the thumbnail, then we enter the video. It’s a simple matter. The more I catch your thumbnail, the more likely I am to give the video. To do this you need to create a beautiful thumbnail based on your topic.
You do not need to be an expert designer for thumbnail design. You can simply design a lot of beautiful designs using Photoshop or the Canvas website. There are also many more tools available online that can be used to design many beautiful things. So try to use as many beautiful thumbnails as possible for each of your videos to increase the chances of getting views on your video several times.

7. Video SEO

Do Proper SEO on Every Video

Video SEO is a very important thing. You have to do proper SEO on every video you upload so that when the user searches for your video related topic, your video comes first. Now when you do some search on Google, it comes first but you click. In the maximum first page posts you publish the same initial videos to the users as they enter the videos below that are viewed by very few people. That’s why you need to do proper SEO to get your video to the right audience.
To do video SEO, you first need to select a keyword. For this you can use Google Keyword Planner. From there, if you search by typing a keyword, it will show all the related keywords and from those keywords, select a keyword that has higher search volume and less competition and use it in your video. Use keywords in video descriptions and tags. By doing this, YouTube will understand what topic your video is based on and when the user searches, your video will show up on YouTube first.

8. Learn fron Mistakes

Wrong is a part of life. There is no one among us who has never made a mistake. When you come to work on YouTube you will always be wrong. That’s not a problem. The problem is if you can’t learn from mistakes. You need to learn from every mistake so that you do not make the same mistake again.

9. Ignore Bad comments

The bottom line is that many people can leave negative comments on your videos. It can’t be disappointed at all. You have to have the strength to avoid such comments. Remember YouTube is a public place. Anyone from anywhere in the world can comment on your video. You don’t even know who is watching your video. Due to which there may be many unwanted comments in your video that cannot be taken seriously. Because if you become serious about these, it will affect your work. Keep this in mind so that even if you make a negative comment later, it will not affect you. As a solution, try to take inspiration from the positive comments.


Online is the hall of patients. You must have patients to be successful in online carrier. You need to work with your passion because if you work for money on youtube, you can’t achieve success. So don’t run for the money, work with passion. Money will find you in near future. Hope these 9 tips are enough to start a youtube channel. You should follow these to gain the title of successful YouTuber.

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