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Best Chrome Extension

What happened if your web browser could help to avoid wasting your time. Today we are going to discuss about 7 time-saving google chrome extension that will make your browsing easier and faster and the best use of these extensions absolutely for free.

Hello everyone, I am Hasib from free online solution willing to help you to get more interesting something while browsing on the internet That’s right, every single extension that I am sharing with you today, is completely free or has a free-forever option. So, let’s dive in!

1. Grammerly


Grammarly Chrome extension is a free spell checker and grammar checker that allows you to find out the mistakes in your writings and it helps to solve these mistakes. Once the Chrome extension is installed, it checks your grammar and looks for misspelled words that you type. Grammarly provides real-time notification by a red underline of your text if it finds issues with your sentences or words. You’ll be able to easily correct your mistakes with one click of your mouse.

2. Picture in Picture in Chorome

Picture-in-Picture allows you to enjoy videos from youtube or other websites or internal videos in a floating window. So, you can keep focused on what you’re watching while interacting with other sites, or applications.

Keyboard shortcut: Alt + P (⌥ + P on macOS)

Source code: https://github.com/GoogleChromeLabs/picture-in-picture-chrome-extension

3. Lighishot


LightShot is a powerful screenshot chrome extension tool that makes it easy to capture the entire screen with just one click. You can easily take screenshots of any croped area in the web tab through lightshot. You need to just hit on Lightshot icon on the extension bar or adderss bar. Now drag the mouse and cover the whole area that you want to make screenshot and click Save icon to save on memory or Upload icon to get a live link. You can save screenshots to your desktop or upload them to the web as your need with just one click. The interface is intuitive and the screenshots are easily shareable by uploading them to the server to generate a live link.

4. Presearch

Presearch is a Decentralized Search Engine where you can earn free PRE TOKEN through google search with their extension. When you search on google or on their search engine, you will be rewarded with Presearch’s (PRE) crypto tokens. You can withdraw these tokens to your personal wallet and you can trade it on cryptocurrency exchange or can buy their services.

You can earn money in every google search through presearch. Learn How to earn money from PRESEARCH

5. Google Translator

Google Translator is one of the best chrome extension for translation. It allows you to translate any webpage to our language or any other language you want. So, what you need to do that is only go to chrome web store or click this link and download the extension on your browser. After you install it, it is going to pop up in the upright corner or it might ask you to close chrome completely so that it can be added to your browser. Now you can visit the website you want to translate and hit the little translate button on the browser extension bar, the ‘Translate this Page’ and then you are able to select the language you want to translate the page. Now click on enter and here is your translated webpage. Isn’t it so easy?

6. Google Keep

Number 7 and one of the most important one is Google Keep. With google keep you can note down any idea on your mind may be a poem’s story or any important idea that you don’t want to lose anymore and it also gives you the option to convert speech to text. You can easily organize the notes by color-coding them and associating them with labels. So, next time you feel creative, just remember to use google keep.

8. WhatRuns

WhatRuns extension is a single click solution for you to track the information used to build on any website you visit. it can find Developer Tools and Ad Networks or WordPress Plugins and Themes. It also detects even the new and upcoming tools and services.

Not just that – you can follow websites your favorite websites and it will send notifies when they use new technologies or remove existing ones.

7. Video Downloader professional

Number 8 and the last one on our list is a video downloader. This is a free video downloader tool for windows. It allows you to download your favorite videos from any website. You can download videos in different resolutions if the website supports them. It also allows you to add videos easily to your video list. In the list, you have quick access to the videos and you can play them at any time, without having to return to the original web page. You also have the ability to play the videos in any size on Youtube and Vimeo.


So, with the mention 8 extension, I would like to end the writing here. What do you guys about these extensions? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment box. Free Online Solution signing off for today. See you in the next article.

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