7 Time Saving Free and useful Websites That You Should Use Today

7 useful websites

I wanna share with you 7 super helpful and useful websites that help you to be more productive on day to day life, help you to save time and in some cases, even help save money. Today we are not looking at applications, we are looking at websites that require no sign-in, no email address or nothing for you to install. These are places where you can just get in and get out with the rest of your day. So, let’s get started with a great one!

1. PDFescape

Let’s jump right in with editing a pdf document called PDFescape. It is an amazing online pdf editor. Now what I am needing in many cases is the ability to add fillable fields to existing PDF documents and PDF escape is great for this purpose. You can use the online version or desktop version. But we’re gonna keep everything online for today.

Online PDF Editor

Upload a PDF document to the website from your computer to start editing. At this stage, you can edit the file and add things in a variety of ways. But the simple and quick thing is to add fillable fields in the documents. If you want to insert something on the PDF then select a text inserter from the left side. Select form field you can choose if you want to add checkbox radio button whatever you want. You can also add a paragraph to the document. After that drag your cursor and select the area you want to all the following fields. Very simple! New save the file if you are done and download the file. Open the file. Wow, you are now able to fill them with text or anything that you added on the PDF file.

2. Polls Creator

The second one on our list is about online polls. It is also one of the most important and useful websites for daily use. How often have you wanted to quickly ask a question to either a small group of people such as your family or friends or your work team? Or maybe you want to share something on social media but you don’t want to restrict it to just a particular platform. Well, that’s why polls.io came in! This is an online poll creator that helps you create and share polls with your friends and family.

Online Poll Creator

As soon as you come to the polls.io website, immediately you can start creating your quiz for your question here. So, here you have got your very simple poll all you need to do is copy this link. You can choose to embed it or share it directly on some popular social platforms. But in most cases what I find is most helpful is to copy that link and start sharing. Now people can start to vote on this poll. You can send it as a text message anywhere that you like and you don’t need to come back here and log in anywhere to see the results. You just need to do is remember this URL for later. So enter with the URL and immediately you can start seeing the result.

3. Time And Date Converter

Time Zone Converter

TimeAndDate.com is obviously is going to you accurate time and date zones across virtually every area on the earth. But there are two particular areas that I use this website for, an a regular basis. Firstly, there is a date-to-date calculator and converter section here. For example, if you are managing a project and wanna know how many days are left between now and the end of the project. All you need to do is come here and select today, or select any other date from the calendar. Then select a date that you need to finish the project. You can also give an estimate in terms of the number of weeks or number of days between these two, but you want to be more precise. You just need to hit calculate duration. And the result will be in your hand instant. it also gives you some alternative time units here like a week, days even hours.

The second one that I use quite often and is the add and subtract calculator. For example, hit today’s date and on the right side, you can define how many days you want to calculate from today. Now hit calculate button. Ohh! Perfect. It will show you the exact date of the day you entered. So, you can use this time-saving and useful websites for day to day life.

4. Headline Analyzer

The third one on our list today is about creating content or creating catchy titles. Now this is more than if you are writing a blog or creating videos. Think of a presentation that you are preparing or a headline for the title of webpage or website or something else. The website we are talking about is Headline Analyzer. What is is this does is it analyze your headlines and gives you some great feedback and tell you if you should improve it or how you can improve or stick up against other headlines? So let’s take a look at a few examples here.

Headline Analyzer

If I say “These websites are great” Let’s see what the headline analyser say about this title. Well, in this case, it’s giving me a score of 52 which is really not great because it can’t be a competative title on the SEO perpose. It’s telling me that I probably using a few words. Let’s see if we can improve this title a bit. In this case, I am gonna say “7 websites that you should use today”. Wow, this is better headline than the first one. The score is now 59. When if I take a a slightly different approach and I say “5 reasons why you should stop using this websites” This is better than all with 79 score out of 100. This is the main concept of Headline Analizer. You must use this website if you are a blogger or content creator. This website will help you produce unique and SEO friendly title.

5. AlternativeTo

Now we’ll talk about an alternative application downloader website and such a useful websites that you should use day to day life. Sometime when you find the ideal software for you and realize that it costs a lot more then you are prepared to pay. To help you in this case, Alternative comes into role. you’ll find almost all kind of alternative here. We have a wonderful sweet of many different products but they are also very expensive. So if you are interested in using Adobe Photoshop or something like that. You have to pay a big amount to the application company. But you can find the same application with almost all the features on alternative but it is absolutely free. You can also visit the official website of any application from this website and able to read the detailed information. So if it is capable, you can download and use for absolutely for free.

6. One Click Background Remover

Free Background Remove

Let’s start another important one named remove.bg. It is a free background remover online tool. How many time have you you had picture of yourself or someone else or maybe a product. But you don’t like the background of the image and you want to put something else in the background or maybe just wanted to keep it solid color as well. This website give you this permission to do this. You don’t even need to login or sign up. It is one of the best free online background remover tool. You can remove background of any image with just a single click and this one is really easy to remember and easy to use.

All you need to do is select and upload an image from your computer that you want to remove background. Your job is done. Just wait a bit! It will automatically remove your background in a few seconds. Now you can see your image is ready and you can download it for 100% free. And the output is almost perfect. You can also edit the image before download from the edit button and from here you can use a premade background template or can use a background from your desktop. I think you find an important and useful websites

7. Free Stock Images

Now I will show you from where I got many of my stock images that I use on my articles and that is absolutely free from any kind of copyright issue and of course it is pixels.com. Nowadays there is a lot of places that you can download copyright free image but what I love about pixels.com is is that I just find the quality of this pictures are are so much better. You can just search by anything you want and a lot of images display on you. I am sure that you have found your favorite one. You can use these for social media, blog posts or anywhere.

This is all for today. Hope you find this writing helpful and the websites also. What is the best and most useful websites on the list toady? Don’t forget to share with me and also with others. So, bye bye for today. Stay safe at home and keep masked on your face while outside. Happy earning!!

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