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6 Tips for Android Users

The number of android users in the world is much higher. It is about 3 million. Besides android has been the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones since 2011. Basically, we always store important data on our mobile. But sometimes your information can be licked by hackers through security breaches. If you are a little careful, it will be difficult for hackers to break through your security. Because android has some hard security system. Let’s talk about some tips for android users.

Today we will talk about 6 tips for android users. After complete this article, I think you will be able to protect your information from hackers. So, don’t be late, let’s do it!!

1. Avoid Installing App from Third-party Website

Avoid installing App from unknown source

You should install applications from google play store. Don’t download from any external source like any third-party website. It can be harmful to you. This type of app can be a host of viruses. It will work as a key point for hackers. When you install the app from play store, no virus or bad program will enter your phone. Because all the software in the Play Store is verified through Play Protection.

2. Active Find My Device App

Active Find My Device App

Install the Find My Device app from Google Play Store and keep it active. With this app, you can track the location of your phone even if it is lost, send phone notifications, delete everything on the phone.
You can find your phone through your Gmail account if this app has been installed on your phone. You can also delete all your data even you can reset factory data of your phone with this app even if your phone is lost.

3. Update Security Patch Regularly

Android comes with different types of updates. Such as Android update, UI update, security patch update. Some people are unconscious about their security patch update.

In this case, you should update the security patch of the phone regularly. This will make the security of your phone more powerful and the chance of hackers attacks will decrease.

4. Unplugged Your Phone Before Sleep

It is often seen that if our phone is not charged and we go somewhere far away or go to sleep at night. If it asks for any permission after inserting USB cable, select the charge-only option. In this case, your data will be safe.
Besides, if you leave it for the whole night, it will take charge all night long and can be too hot. It is harmful to your device. Sometimes it can cause a blast or make a fire.

5. Avoid Unusual App Permission

Avoid Unusual App Permission

One of the biggest reasons to attack by hackers is to give away harmful app permission. You might notice some apps ask for unusual permissions. You should not give access to this type of permission.

For example, when you install a file manager app, it is asking for camera permission or location permission. Just think about what should do a file manager app with these permissions. This is useless or they have any bad intention. With this permission, hackers can enter your device. I recommend you to use all google owned app for more security.

6. Turn Off Blutooth and WIFI

Do not turn on Bluetooth or wifi on your phone all time. Turn it off after the work or these functions. It is one of the best ways to enter hackers into your phone.


I think you understand how your phone can be hacked and you lose your data. So, be careful from now. These are some simple tricks. If you follow these tricks, the chances of any attacks will decrease.

Hope you like this article and don’t forget to comment if you have any question. Thank you!

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