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The biggest confusion for new bloggers is which is the best WordPress themes for blogging. To build a WordPress blog, you need to choose a theme that is lightweight and responsive for all devices. Besides, you can easily do SEO for your website with an optimized theme, and make sure to choose an AdSense optimized theme to make the maximum profit in the future.

There are so many themes in WordPress world and you need to know which theme has the most impact on your niche and which one helps your website get ranking fast on search engines and then select the right theme. Today I will discuss 6 best WordPress themes that are Responsive, User Friendly and Ad Friendly.

Things to keep in mind

The theme must be lightweight and SEO optimized. If you use a normal quality theme that is not SEO optimized at all then it will be hard to get your website ranking on search engines. No matter how much you do SEO. Choosing an SEO-optimized theme is very important to get your articles ranked.

The selected theme must be Schema optimized. Schema is Google’s algorithm based on which Google can crawl your website properly. In a word, schema helps Google to understand your website better.

1. GeneratePress

It is a lightweight and schema-optimized theme. Also, it is a completely free theme and if you create a website using this theme the chances of getting ranking are much higher and this theme is much more secure. You can get almost all the features of this theme for free but there are some extra features for which you have to use the premium version of it.

2. Schema

This is a popular WordPress theme. This theme can be used on several other types of websites including blogging, e-commerce, portfolio. It also comes with some free templates. You can use these to build a website with a single click. It is also an SEO-optimized and Adsense-optimized theme. Blogs created using schemas can easily rank articles।

3. Hueman

Human is one of the most popular WordPress themes for blogging nowadays. You can design a sticky menu, sidebar, amazing post pages and slider blades with this theme. This theme is mainly for blogging. You will find all the facilities of blogging in this theme. In fact, Free Online Solution is also made with Human theme. Also, it is an extremely beautiful building and has a theme. It is very easy to build a professional, responsive and optimized blog website using hueman.

4. Newspaper

Newspaper is one of the most popular WordPress blogging themes in the current time. This theme is mainly designed for blog websites. You can also use it to create magazines and news websites. There are both of free and premium versions of the newspaper theme. Usually, the free version will get almost all these features. There are currently many websites online that are created using newspaper theme. This theme has a great look and design that attracts bloggers. There are also some free templates in this theme that can be used to build a website very easily.

5. Astra

This time our theme is Astra. This is one of the most popular themes. WordPress blog, e-commerce and any other type of website can be built using Astra theme. The Astra theme has free and premium versions. In the premium version starting from a minimum 47$ you will get much more benefits and much more features in premium. It also has some prebuilt templates from which websites of various designs can be easily created.

6. Divi

You can design a creative and professional website through DIVI theme. It is possible to launch a blog, portfolio, e-commerce or any other type of business-related website through DIVI. Websites made with this theme can be much more optimized. Many large heavy-weight websites are created with DIVI themes. Usually, blog websites do not require too much heavy weight. But this theme has some awesome features. Almost all types of exciting features you will find in this theme.

If you want to make a free blogging site on WordPress you need to choose the best theme based on your niche. Don’t run for the money, work with passion. Money will find you in the future. Hope you like this writing. So, hope you like this article and many many thanks for stay with us. Keep learning, keep earning!!

Which one is best for blogging, a universal question for all the people who want to start blogging and want to make a carrier with writing. If you are not sure whether you should use WordPress or Blogger as your blog platform so follow this link.

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