5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Freelancer | Important Tips for New Freelancers

Mistakes to Avoid as a Freelancer

New freelancers make many small mistakes that cause their accounts to become a band. And nowadays, you can’t even think of having multiple accounts. As a result, their freelancing career ends before they begin. To be successful in your freelancing career, you need to avoid some small mistakes that can lead to a major problem at the beginning of your freelancing career. For your convenience, I have made a list of some of the mistakes. You need to avoid these mistakes as a new freelancer. If you follow them, you can easily succeed in your freelancing career. So, let’s get started.

1. Don’t Make a Copy and Paste Portfolio

Do not copy paste

You must have a portfolio to be a successful freelancer. No matter who you are, having a portfolio is one of the most important tasks of a freelancing career. If you are a graphic designer, open an account in Behance or Dribble and keep all your work there as a sample. If you work as a web developer, you create a website where you can put your work. Again, if you are an app developer, upload your app to the Google Play Store. So that if the client wants any sample, you can show your works immediately. In short, portfolio is one of the most important aspects of a freelancing career. You should follow these small but important mistakes as a new freelancer.

What new freelancers do is bring in different tasks from others’ portfolio, upload their own portfolios and continue with these. Nowadays clients are also very smart. They review many freelancers then hire the right one. Clients have a lot of knowledge about the marketplace nowadays. As a result, if they somehow realize that you are showing him a fake portfolio that is not yours, he will report to your profile. This may cause your profile to be temporarily, permanently disabled. My suggestion would be to create a beautiful and neat portfolio with as much as you can. It may be a little difficult to get a job in your new situation but there will be no fear of losing the account permanently.

2. Sharing contact info

This is one of the biggest mistakes as a freelancer. If you work in fiverr, they will cut 20% as fee. If you work at freelancer.com, you will be deducted 10% from your earning. Similarly, 20% in Upwork as fee. In almost all marketplaces, freelancers have to pay 10% to 20% of their earning as a service fee. There are some very intelligent freelancers who think “Why I should pay a fee to the marketplace? We can bring the client out and work without any fee.” With this in mind, they share their contact info in the marketplace. No! This is one of the biggest mistakes. If the marketplace finds out that you have tried to take the client out by sharing contact info, you will be permanently banned.

See when you work in the marketplace, there is a deal between you and the client and marketplace works as a broker to complete the deal. The client deposits the money to the marketplace and marketplace releases the money only when you hand over the job to client. There is no need for any party to have the tension to work without money or losing money. But when you do this same work outside of the marketplace, there will be confusion between you and the client. Do you think the client will actually pay you after the job? Can’t he leave without paying? In the same way, the client thinks, will I get the job after paying the money? Or will he leave without delivering the job to me after receiving the money?

You need to work with marketplace also you need to avoid these mistakes as a freelancer because of these reasons. Moreover, you should be grateful in the marketplace. Because they are confirming your money with little free. Also, try once you go out of the marketplace. See how difficult it is to work outside the marketplace. You have to work hard to do marketing and advertising. But it is very easy to get a job in the marketplace. Marketplaces are doing a lot to complete your work. They never want you to share contact info with a client. If you need to share for working purposes, do it inside the marketplace. No problem! But never share contact info with the mentality of taking the client out.

3. Do not Provide Crack Version of Digital Product to Client

Never provide a cracked version of a premium product to the client. Because it could lead to client copyright issues in near future. Suppose you use a crack version of a premium font on the website. The client will not ask you if you bought this font or it is crack. But in the future, the client may be in a problem with it. Then client will come to you and ask for help. The client may even get angry and take action against you.

Digital products have value everywhere. If you ever need a premium product, you either buy it yourself and give it to the client or tell the client to buy it or tell him to use a similar free version. This will benefit both you and the client.

4. Don’t Accept Project without Understanding it

It is most commonly seen among new freelancers. When they get a project, they think they will complete the project anyway. But in the end, it turns out they can’t finish the project and they lose their project completion rate rapidly and the client is not satisfied with his work. This cannot happen for a professional freelancer. When you get a project, first of all, you need to observe what is the actual percentage completion for this project. If it is more than 90% then take the project. In this case, to avoid mistakes as a freelancer of your early career, you must take extra time from the client, this will reduce the chance of your project incompletion and will avoid the report of the profile clients.

There are many freelancers who complete 100% of the work but are unable to achieve a good review. It is one of the worst habits to accept your work without understanding it. So, before accepting any work, you should read the project description well. Accept the project as soon as you are 100% sure.

5. Share Project Timeline with Client

Sometimes it can happen you submit your project just before the deadline. The clients do not have time to think about when you will give the revision. As a result, even if the client is not satisfied with your work, he releases your payment and leaves with a bad review with a negative thought.
As a solution to this problem, keep the communication strong with client and keep telling him how much of your work has been done or sometimes you ask a question about the project. This will increase the client’s confidence in you. If you have to make a late delivery, you should say the reason of late before you submit the project and convince the client before submission. Tell him that if any kind of revision is needed, you are ready. As a result, even if the time is up, the client will think that you are ready to solve any problem. When you can avoid these mistakes as a freelancer, the success rate will increase one more step.


Freelancing is actually a race. Here you have to work slowly to develop skills and build yourself as an expert. You need to avoid some small but serious mistakes as a new freelancer. The better you can do this, the better your future will be. You will never use any fake details in your freelancing career. Using everything real will build a good relationship with your client. This will give you the opportunity to work with the client for a long time. Take freelancing as a professional profession. Keep developing skills by working properly without resorting to any tricks. This will allow you to build a good career in the future.

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